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Yasaman and Monireh were charged with “inciting prostitution" for peacefully protesting against Iran’s forced veiling laws.

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They are serving harsh prison sentences for defending women’s rights. They have faced intense interrogation, solitary confinement and abuse. Deciding whether or not to wear a veil should be an individual choice – not a criminal offence. Please restart your monthly gift today. Your gift could help us release women’s rights defenders like Yasaman and Monireh, who are unjustly imprisoned. All donations go to support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust.

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£5 could help us investigate and gather evidence about Iran's prison conditions where prisoners like Yasaman and Monireh are held

£10 could help campaign to collect thousands of signatures for a petition like the one demanding the release of Yasaman and Monireh

£15 could help our investigators share their findings of human rights violations with the public and people in position of power

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