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17-year-old Mikita has been sentenced to five years in prison for attending a peaceful protest in Belarus. Please start a monthly gift today and help us fight for the freedom of unjustly imprisoned people like Mikita.

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Last year, mass protests broke out in Belarus, as people took to the streets to dispute the results of the presidential election. As the protests continue, we are witnessing a worrying pattern of police brutality against members of the public. More than 27,000 people have been detained and an increasing number of peaceful protestors are being sentenced to years in prison. Now this crackdown on dissent is impacting innocent children like Mikita. We need your help to fight for Mikita and other unjustly imprisoned people.

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£3 could help us campaign for the freedom of unjustly imprisoned people like Mikita

£5 could help investigate allegations of police brutality and bring to justice anyone found responsible

£8 could help us research and gather evidence of human rights violations in Belarus and all over the world

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