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Germain Rukuki has risked everything to campaign for human rights in Burundi. Will you donate today to help release Germain and others like him?

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In 2017, Germain was arrested for defending human rights. He was found guilty of “rebellion” among other false charges. He is now serving a 32-year sentence in the overcrowded Ngozi prison, at high risk of coronavirus. Germain’s wife, Emelyne, gave birth four months after his imprisonment, meaning Germain was never able to hold his third child. Three years on, Germain still hasn’t seen his family. Donate now to demand justice for Germain. All donations go to Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust.

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£3 could help call on the new President of Burundi to release Germain and people like him

£5 could help investigate Germain’s false charges and those of others who have been falsely accused of rebellion

£8 could help call on authorities to reduce the amount of prisoners in overcrowded prisons

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