I Welcome // The Art of Peace

Event type
2 Sep - 30 Sep 2017

Haverhill Arts Centre, High Street




10:00 - 16:00
Phone number
01440 763763
Avril Dawson

This is the press release put out by Havepeace, the peace group of which I am also a member: The fifth annual "Art of Peace" exhibition at Haverhill Arts Centre this year features a powerful collection of works by the renowned collective, Magnum Photos, in association with Amnesty International, focusing on refugees.

Actor Juliet Stevenson narrates an introduction to each section (amnesty.org.uk/audioguide). The photographs challenge us to consider the disturbing plight of refugees, the response of governments and of those of us more fortunate. Havepeace are also pleased to include a display about the work of Knit For Peace, a charity which we support locally. A member of the group travelled to India earlier this year and was able to see for herself the excellent work they do.

Our exhibition is held throughout September, in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace, on September 21st. We are very grateful to the Arts Centre for this opportunity, and to Haverhill Library, which is featuring a complementary display on the issue of refugees throughout the month. We also appreciate the help of various organisations, including Suffolk Refugee Support, for the information leaflets and booklets they have provided.