Contextualising the conflict in Syria from a faith perspective

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Tuesday 11 September 2018

Quaker Meeting House, St. John's Street

Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds

IP33 1SJ

19:30 - 21:30
Members £1, non members £3
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01284 725380
Marina Kralina

Revd. Andrew Ashdown is an Anglican priest, who has been visiting the Middle East for 35 years, and is currently undertaking Doctoral Research into Christian-Muslim relations in Syria. Andrew visited the country several times before the conflict and has visited Syria ten times, both independently and with delegations, since 2014, travelling extensively in the country, including some of the areas most affected by the way, and meeting with people from all communities and at all levels of society. He was one of the first people into East Aleppo just hours after districts of the city we're restored to Government control, and meeting with internally displaced people as they emerged from 'rebel' held areas. His most recent visit was in April 2018. After the talk, there will be opportunity for questions and discussion.