AIUK online event on police brutality in the US

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Tuesday 29 September 2020



18:00 - 19:00
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George Floyd’s death came in the wake of a series of acts of racist violence against Black Americans that illustrates astounding levels of violence and discrimination in the USA. In 2019 alone, the police were involved in the deaths of over 1,000 people in the USA, with Black people being disproportionally impacted by these killings. We have seen waves of protests take place across the world, including the UK, led by Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile, over-militarised police across the USA are failing to protect the rights of Black Lives Matter protestors, exacerbating a tense situation that has become deadly in recent weeks. In addition to targeting protestors we have also seen how the police have targeted the media, street medics, and street observers and monitors. Both the killings of Black people by police officers and the use of lethal force during protests are fuelled by institutional racism and white supremacy.

Alongside human rights activists and grassroots organisations, Amnesty has been campaigning for the US government to implement meaningful change to ensure that law enforcement respect human rights, as well as for accountability and justice for the victims of police brutality. Come and hear more about this work from three Amnesty experts:

- Kristina Roth is the Senior Advocate for Criminal Justice Programs at Amnesty International USA. She oversees the organization’s work to abolish the death penalty and stop unlawful killings by police. She serves as AIUSA’s expert on these matters and works regularly with grassroots activists, impacted communities, elected officials and other top stakeholders to put an end to these urgent human rights abuses

- Ernest Coverson serves at the End Gun Violence Campaign Manager for Amnesty International USA. In this capacity he works to eradicate all forms of gun violence plaguing the US especially in Black and Brown communities. This work is being done through the legislative process and direct community organizing.

- Alli Jarrar is Amnesty International’s North America campaigner. In her role at the organization, she globalizes human rights campaigns around issues in the USA and Canada, including police violence, immigration detention, closing Guantanamo, and more. Working with Amnesty offices across the planet, she leverages global mobilization both online and offline for human rights impact in the US and Canada.

This event will be faciltated by Shoomi Chowdhury, Human Rights Education Officer at Amnesty International UK.