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Some people don’t want you to support Amnesty International.

A war criminal in Syria that uses chemical weapons and indiscriminate bombing against civilians. Or a dictator in North Korea who sends thousands of his own people to suffer and die in slave labour camps.

Every day, people like them go about their business, inflicting pain and suffering on their victims. But you don’t have to accept it.

When you set up a regular gift to Amnesty you're making a stand against human rights abusers: traffickers, torturers, war criminals, rapists and dictators. You're helping to shine a spotlight on the bad guys, expose what they are doing and hold them to account.

Defy the abusers – set up a regular gift of £5 per month today.

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the bad guys

We have 7 million supporters worldwide. When we speak up, governments and corporations listen.

With your help, death sentences can be revoked. Torturers can be brought to justice. The rights of refugees can be protected.

We can only apply that pressure because of the supporters we represent. The more supporters we have, the more pressure. It’s as simple as that.

You’ve defied the abusers by reading this far. Please complete the job.

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