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 human rights 
 abuses in Yemen

Yemen is on the brink of collapse. For over three years war has claimed tens of thousands of lives – and it still rages on. Yemen is now facing the world’s worst famine in a century. 

Yet the Saudi-led coalition continues their relentless airstrikes. They’re targeting innocent people in their homes, schools and hospitals with weapons supplied by western powers like the UK and the US.

This needs to stop – will you join the fight to help end these atrocities?

Your monthly gift could help us investigate human rights abuses in places like Yemen, and pressure the international community to end this crisis. You can help make sure we have the resources to act and save lives.

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Our work relies on people like you to send our investigators into dangerous areas of the world and collect first-hand stories from survivors and key witnesses. Their testimonies and the graphic evidence we gather are vital to expose violations of international humanitarian law. 

Together, we can inspire western governments to act – and help stop the crisis in Yemen. 

Armed with this evidence, we lobby governments to act and mobilise public opinion – and this has proved to create long term change and save lives time and time again.

Become part of our movement of over 7 million ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Together we can give a voice to people whose suffering would otherwise go unheard.

Please stand with us with a monthly gift and help end the crisis in Yemen.

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