Jailed for exposing 
 a toxic waste spill

How would you feel if a toxic waste spill covered the UK coastline, killing tonnes of fish and costing thousands of jobs – and the government tried to cover it up?

When it happened in Vietnam, Tran Thi Nga was angry and upset that the company responsible was not brought to justice. So she joined a movement to expose the truth. 

For this, Tran Thi Nga has been sentenced to nine years in prison – torn apart from her two young sons. She’s suffered beatings and death threats, and her health is in sharp decline.

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What we're doing

We're mobilising thousands of our supporters globally to demand Tran Thi Nga's freedom through protests, letters, emails, petitions and tweets. This is putting pressure on Vietnam’s government. Together, we're letting them know that the world is watching. 

And every day we stand up for the hundreds of other people unjustly imprisoned across the world for speaking truth to power.

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