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Right now, Monireh and her daughter Yasman are locked up in jail.

They were sentenced to 16 years in prison after a video went viral of them peacefully protesting against Iran’s laws forcing women to wear the veil.

They were charged with inciting ‘corruption and prostitution’ and have faced intense interrogation, solitary confinement and abuse.

Deciding whether or not to wear a veil should be an individual choice – not a criminal offence. Will you help by giving a monthly gift?

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What we're doing

We're mobilising thousands of our supporters globally to demand the charges against Sarah and Sean be dropped. Through protests, letters, emails, petitions and tweets, we are putting pressure on the Greek government. Together, we're letting them know that the world is watching.

And every day we stand up for the hundreds of other people facing unjust imprisonment across the world.

Amnesty International supporters have helped free over 50,000 political prisoners.  Will you become part of a movement of over 7 million ordinary people from around the world standing up for human rights?

Together, we've helped change hundreds of laws, secured the release of thousands of prisoners, and improved millions of live.

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