Help end the 50 year
oppression of 

Each day, Palestinians live with the fear of death, the humiliation of strip searches and the loss of loved ones. These kinds of abuses, and worse, are happening all the time. Will you help stop this abuse?

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What we're doing

When we see people suffering, we don't back down – we act.

We’re campaigning hard to end the human rights abuses suffered by Palestinians under the Israeli occupation for the last 50 years.

Governments worldwide must also play their part to end this oppressive regime. To make sure this happens, our researchers are working hard investigating and verifying physical evidence of human rights abuses, and our campaigners are calling on governments around the world to ban Israeli settlement goods from their markets.

And we've got over 7 million people like you that we know we can mobilise to effect change.

We are a movement of ordinary people from around the world standing up for human rights. Together, we've helped change hundreds of laws, secured release for thousands of prisoners, and improved millions of lives. Please stand with us today.


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