Will you help
save lives in
Idlib, Syria?

Bombs are being dropped on families in Idlib, in Syria’s North West, and more innocent people are dying every day.

People in Idlib already barely had access to healthcare, food or clean water. Now, the Syrian government has ramped up its air strikes, repeatedly targeting civilians, homes and hospitals. Turkey’s border is closed – which means the people in Idlib are trapped.

We can’t let the horrors of Aleppo happen to people in Idlib. Together, we can help save their lives by putting pressure on Russia and Syria to stop bombing civilians.

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Where your money goes

We’ve been working on the Syria crisis since it started in 2011 but we rely on donations from people like you to continue our work.

With your support, our investigators on the ground can document the atrocities being committed in Syria. With this evidence, we can speak up for families in Idlib. And we can pressure and shame Russia and the Syrian government to stop deliberate attacks on civilians, and to provide safe passage for families fleeing the violence.

We’re a movement of 7 million people like you standing up for humanity and human rights – and together, we make change happen. We’ve helped bring torturers to justice, release political prisoners and save lives.

Please stand with us today.

All donations go to support Amnesty International UK Section Charitable Trust.

Help save lives in Idlib, Syria