Jailed for telling 
 his story

Imagine being kidnapped at 13, and forced to serve in the army as a child soldier. This is what happened to Aung Ko Htwe. 

Now he is 27 and his ordeal isn't over. He's serving two years in jail, just for speaking out on public radio about his experience.

Although Myanmar agreed with the UN to stop recruiting child soldiers, we continue to hear reports of it happening. Which is why the government want this kept quiet.

His childhood has already been taken away from him. Don’t let Myanmar’s government steal his future too. Help free Aung Ko Htwe.

Your support could help us campaign for Aung Ko Htwe’s release, put pressure on Myanmar to stand up for free speech and end the use of child soldiers forever.

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We're mobilising thousands of our supporters globally to demand Aung Ko Htwe's freedom through protests, letters, emails, petitions and tweets. This is putting pressure on Myanmar’s government. Together, we're letting them know that the world is watching.

And every day we stand up for the hundreds of other people wrongly jailed across the world for speaking truth to power.

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