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Jan 23 2018 12:53PM
9 Films about children’s rights
Written by Vanessa Terschluse and Sena Atici Amnesty campaigns for the protection and respect of children’s rights. It is everyone's responsibility to protect and empower children so that they are healthy, happy and engaged citizens. F...
Jan 21 2018 10:27AM
Human Rights Day 2017: Free Prisoners of Conscience
On 10 December 2017, over 100 activists gathered to mark # HumanRightsDay2017 at Chinese Embassy in London,calling for # FreePrisonersOfConscience # FreeLiuXia # FreeIlhamTohti # TashiWangchuk in cold and sleet weather. # 國際人權日2017 超过1...
Jan 21 2018 10:26AM
Yang Tongyan ( a.k.a. Yang Tianshui 1961-2017)
Yang Tongyan (杨同彦, a.k.a. Yang Tianshui 杨天水), a freelance writer and democracy veteran, has died aged 56 on 7 November 2017. In the past 11 months, at least three prisoners of conscience and political prisnoers including Peng Ming and...
Jan 17 2018 12:04PM
Reform of veto is key to restoring Stormont and delivering rights
One year on from the collapse of Stormont, Patrick Corrigan argues for a reform which would restore devolved government to Northern Ireland and its ability to legislate on rights issues
Jan 5 2018 2:37PM
Immigration Detainees in the UK
A volunteer for Amnesty International shares the shock, anger and inspiration to highlight the plight of UK immigration detainees.