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Mar 31 2017 6:50PM
Together, we are stronger
By Shackelia Jackson, activist and sister of Nakiea, killed by the Jamaican police in 2014 As a relative of a young man killed by the police in Kingston, Jamaica, many pe...
Mar 30 2017 5:38PM
Time for humankind to create a new reality
Written by Salil Shetty, Secretary-General at Amnesty International . Donald Trump had barely spent a month in the White House when his administration began translating h...
Mar 30 2017 5:34PM
UK Government targeting WhatsApp is another security red herring
Written by Joe Westby, Researcher on Technology and Human Rights, Amnesty International. Anyone who hoped that the debate about encryption had already been put to bed, sa...
Mar 29 2017 10:07AM
What does Brexit mean for human rights?
Written by Allan Hogarth, Head of Advocacy and Programmes at Amnesty International UK So it’s official, the Prime Minister has triggered Article 50 and we are leaving the...
Mar 24 2017 12:00PM
What Is “Pubic Interest”? 什么是公众利益?
The article was originally published in Huffington Post on 3 September 2016.