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Women of Afghanistan Need Action from the government


Women of Afghanistan Need Action  from  the Government and Political Leaders not Empty Words!

As part of 16 days of activism to eliminate violence against women, The Capital of Afghanistan also witnessed many events by Women’s Rights organisations and activists in different venues and of different shapes and forms.

The long list of activities has included   meetings and conferences ,film screenings and  street demonstrations in-front of the Ministry of Interiors in Kabul.

As I happen to be here in Kabul at this time, I have also participated in a handful of these events.

The main purpose of the events,  organisers  and participants was  to show their concern and raise their voice against the28%  increase in recent months, of reporting cases of violence, and yet prosecution and convictions remain low, as reported by United Nations  Mission in Afghanistan.

According to some reports   from local media, research suggests that  still 75% of marriages are not lawful according to the Elimination of Violence against Women law that criminalizes act s of violence against women and harmful practices. Other examples of violence include, child marriage, forced marriage, Baad (giving a girl or a woman in exchange for a dispute between men or families to be settled), rape and beating etc.

AHRC, UNAMA, Women’s Rights Organisations and other Human Rights Organisations all want the Government to step up and show support and give increased resources, support and directions to Police, Prosecutors and courts in order to provide Justice to victims not only in Kabul but in Provinces where the situation is worse.

More than10 years on, where  the  International Community Civil and Military Assistance forces  provided support to the country and there is intensive conversations and questions of whether to stay or not in Afghanistan, the reality on the ground is not a  hopeful one for women and girls.

In my view, there is much greater need for willingness and practical support from the Government of Afghanistan. Political Leaders inside and outside of Afghanistan need to step in firmly and seriously about this issue and show their solidarity for the Elimination of Violence against the Women of Afghanistan who have suffered the most during the past four decades under each and every system in one way or another.  One of the practical ways to do this is to bring women on board at all levels of decision making so their say in the society is taken seriously. 

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