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My teacher needs your urgent help!

by Sara Saei

Update: on 27 August 2017 a Revolutionary Court in Tehran sentenced spiritual teacher Mohammad Ali Taheri to death for "spreading corruption on earth" for establishing the spiritual group Erfan-e Halgheh. He has now been held in solitary confinement for over six years.

I am a student of Mohammad Ali Taheri, an Iranian prisoner of conscience who has spent nearly 6 years in Section 2A of Tehran’s Evin Prison. He is a writer and a spiritual teacher whose whereabouts are unknown today.

He started his 16th hunger strike on 28 September in protest to the Iranian authorities’ refusal to release him after dismissal of his case and 6 years of solitary confinement.

Since 16 October 2016, he has been held incommunicado and the authorities are refusing to provide his family with any information about his fate and whereabouts.

Who is Mohammad Ali Taheri?

He is a teacher of thousands in Iran and has written eight books and numerous articles. He tirelessly seeks awareness, love and peace for all humanity through his teachings, and the Iranian government fears his popularity.

Unfortunately, this is how things are in my country, Iran. Here, practicing the rights to freedom of belief and expression is a crime for which you will be punished. And that is what has happened to my teacher.

According to the Iranian government, he has committed intolerable crimes such as inviting people to contemplate various issues instead of blindly accepting superstitions and ancestral thoughts.

His other crime is that he has spent a decade on resolving people’s inner conflicts through his teachings and he has helped people reach peace with themselves, with God, with the universe, and with others.

He has also shared his revelations and novel points of views about philosophy, religion, and mysticism in public, and so they need to punish him by keeping him in solitary confinement for 6 long years!

Stand up for freedom of expression

I know Mohammad Ali Taheri. I have been teaching his theories and healing methods for several years. And there are many people who testify to how his teaching helps improve the lives of people.

I know about his passion for humanity and his willingness to help mankind reach awareness, and such a person does not deserve to be treated so brutally and inhumanly just because a dictator government fears his popularity and peaceful teaching.

Since 16 October, Mohammad Ali Taheri, who has been kept in solitary confinement, has been deprived of all contact with his family. They are, naturally, in great distress over his fate and whereabouts, particularly because his health has deteriorated since he started a hunger strike on 28 September this year.

According to his family, an interrogator and a masked man entered his cell on the fifth day of his hunger strike, took him to an interrogation room, and put him under pressure to give video-recorded “confessions”  he was beaten when he resisted.

The Taheri family have gone to various prison and judicial officials to enquire about his conditions and whereabouts but the authorities have refused to provide them with any information.

Judicial officials appear to have informally told his lawyers that Mohammad Ali Taheri lost consciousness on the night of 18 October and was transferred to a Tehran hospital where the Revolutionary Guards frequently take people who are in their custody and hospitalise them under pseudonyms. This information, however, has not been confirmed to his family.

Please join Amnesty in demanding for my teacher's immediate release.

You can find more info about him in English on this website

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