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Dec 12 2011 6:05PM
LGBT History Month (1) Gay and Proud!

This week kicks off the start of the now annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans history and I’d like to contribute a few postings in the coming weeks to mark the occasion. First, I have to confess that as a gay man of a...

Dec 7 2011 2:18PM
Gaza Crisis (part I) In at the deep end.

I have never written a blog before, so I was planning to kick off with a bit of background about myself, and offer a flirtatious introduction to some of the themes that I’d like to cover during the year ahead. The intensifying carnage...

Dec 7 2011 2:17PM
Gaza Update a calamitous abuse of human rights and humanitarian norms

The situation in Gaza has reached a point of absolute calamity. Today, Day 20, we have news that the death toll has passed 1,000, including 315 children and 95 women. The evening news bulletinsin the UK are also reporting that the main...

Dec 7 2011 2:17PM
Gaza Crisis (part 2) Union activism on the frontline

While British trade unions have played their part, joined by the 168-million strong International Trade Union Confederation and some of the Global Unions, the years of polarisation generated by the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, means...

Dec 7 2011 2:16PM
Iran: Farzad Kamangar, teacher trade unionist at risk of execution (part 1) ACT NOW.

This is the first of three postings about Kamangar’s case. He is a Kurdish teacher trade unionist, now 33 years old. In this posting you will find Amnesty’s appeal and a link to our online action. In the second posting you will find...

Dec 7 2011 2:15PM
Iran: Farzad Kamangar, (part 2) his testimony.

This is the second of three postings about Kamangar’s case. In the first posting you will find Amnesty’s appeal and a link to our online action. In this posting you will find Farzad’s account of his treatment in his own words, while in...

Dec 7 2011 2:12PM
About myself, about blogging on Amnesty-Union solidarity

I've had a lot of kind remarks since starting this blog and our friends in the union movement have been very encouraging and keen to get the word out – maybe there's a gap in the "blogosphere" that these postings can help address. I...

Dec 7 2011 2:06PM
Gaza Update (3) Support humanitarian aid

As suggested in my last posting on Gaza, I wasn't planning to post again so soon on Gaza, but here's a personal response to the BBC fiasco… I will leave it to others to make the case more cogently than I, but I do believe the refusal...

Dec 7 2011 2:05PM
A labour movement hero speaks out for Amnesty

This blog is a celebration of 30 years of Amnesty trade union solidarity, or more precisely, the 30th Anniversary of the foundation of Amnesty UK’s Trade Union Network in 1979, which is certainly thriving and striving these days. We’re...

Dec 7 2011 2:05PM
Gaza Update (2): We're not going away

We’re not fickle at Amnesty, honest. Neither are we inconsistent,temperamental or unreliable. But this blog may give you that impressionfrom time to time so I need to set the record right straight away. Iam returning to the crisis in...

Dec 7 2011 2:05PM
Workers rights broadcast from Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square!

Blimey! Bingo! Brilliant! I got a slot on the “One & Other” project of artist Antony Gormley – A chance to spend an hour on the most glamorous soapbox ever offered to me – the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square! You can watch the...

Dec 7 2011 2:04PM
Roll up; roll up for the Amnesty AGM and Conference!

I’ve suggested before that what bonds Amnesty and the labour movement most profoundly – alongside our shared values – is that we are both activist movements that recognise the power of solidarity and that we are both rank-and-file...

Dec 7 2011 2:04PM
Mansour Ossanlu - medical emergency - ACT NOW!

Readers of this blog and of the Amnesty trade union web pages will be familiar with the case of Mansour Ossanlu, leader of the Tehran bus workers union, who has been jailed on several occasions, most recently in July 2007, with a five...

Dec 8 2010 10:01AM
Iran: Farzad Kamangar, (part 3) Solidarity

This is the third of three postings about Kamangar’s case, which looks at solidarity in his case. In the first posting you will find Amnesty’s appeal and a link to our online action. In the second posting you will find Farzad’s account...

Sep 16 2009 4:27PM
Amnesty addresses the TUC

Our Director, Kate Allen, has just delivered a stirring call for human and labour rights solidarity at the TUC Congress here in Liverpool, and received a rousing response from the trade union delegates. As readers will know, this is...

Jan 25 2009 2:41PM
Our history: 25-years on from a UK government-ordered union ban

I am reminded by the Stronger Unions website that today marks the 25th anniversary of the banning of trade unions at the Governments’ intelligence gathering centre GCHQ in Cheltenham. The denial of a basic human right to GCHQ workers –...

Jan 24 2009 2:29PM
Good News from Cambodia: Together we've made a difference!

The struggle for human rights will outlast our generation, and the backdrop of enduring injustice such as the 40-year occupation of Palestinian territories, or the 20-year grip of the generals in Burma, as well as deepening economic...

Jan 22 2009 10:01AM
Dear President Obama, on your inauguration day my wish is for workers rights in the USA

Amnesty has issued its own to-do list for President Barack Obama, and I am fully behind the challenging but critical human rights goals that we are promoting to counter terror with justice: A 17 point checklist for President Barack...