the East-West divide - and the winner is?

I'm talking about the real East-West divide. Yes, the one between Scotland's two biggest cities – Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Born and bread Glasgwegian myself I've not lived in the city for over20 years, although most of my family still do. Followed a job toEdinburgh and now have put down my own family roots over here.To behonest I like them both.

With Amnesty's office based in Edinburgh it would be easy to driftinto a focus on that city. But having made some exploratory approachesto galleries and museums around Scotland it is the Dear Green Place which is currently winning hearts and minds in Amnesty's Scottish office.

There's something about Glasgow galleries that just makes them veryfriendly and approachable (the welcome has been less warm elsewhere).And so we find ourselves already supporting the sh[OUT] exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) in Glasgow.

In July our Heroes and Heroines exhibition will be at the GlasgowWomen's Library. Later in the year we will be at the Tron Theatre andThe Arches.

 But over the next couple of weeks we have a real rash of Glasgow events. So if you're anywhere nearby then go and see

- some of the top Euro candidates jousting in our own hustings event (joint with the Feberation of Small Businesses and Feisty Productions) on 28th May

-  our panel discussion to mark the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen Square on June 4th

- the Heroes and Heroines exhibition

These three all at Hillhead Library (officially our new best friends for at least the next six weeks). Glasgow, we salute you !

Unfortunately there isn't room here to do any justice to Scotland'snorth-south divide, urban-rural divide, football, religion, tunnockstea cakes/caramel wafers…… Maybe another day.

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