Jul 6 2018 5:47PM
Is the UK government turning a blind eye to torture?

There are hundreds of cases of the British government planning or paying for extraordinary rendition. It's time they stop turning a blind eye to their role in torture and carry out a full, judge-led inquiry.

Jun 26 2018 4:34PM
It's time for the UK to come clean about torture

It's time for the UK to come clean about its involvement in torture and rendition during the so-called ‘war on terror’

Apr 26 2018 10:00AM
Crunch time: the Brexit Bill and human rights

By Rachel Logan, Amnesty UK's Law and Human Rights Programme Director Cards on the table early: Amnesty International takes no position on Brexit. We are interested only in ensuring people’s rights and protections – something the...

Nov 20 2017 1:00PM
It’s time to talk about Brexit

By Rachel Logan, Amnesty UK's Law and Human Rights Programme Director It’s time to talk about Brexit. Not the rights and wrongs of the decision. Not whether we’re on course for a hard or soft exit. Not even whether we’re going to be...

Nov 7 2017 7:00AM
The UK government has been spying on Amnesty – so we're going to court

By Rachel Logan (Law & Human Rights Programme Director) and Joshua Franco (Researcher/Advisor on Technology & Human Rights) At around 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon in July 2015, a short, one-paragraph e-mail arrived at the offices of...

Jan 19 2017 5:00PM
Good news! Review of UK legal aid cuts finally announced

This week, we celebrated Justice Minister Oliver Heald QC finally announcing a timetable for the long-awaited review of the drastic cuts the coalition made to legal aid in 2013. So far, so dry (and it was – it’s January). But please...

May 9 2016 5:19PM
The government’s hokey-cokey on the European Convention is a dangerous game

IN or OUT that’s the question, but the debate before parliament today and the speech from the Home Secretary last week ventured to propose an altogether different Brexit: not from the EU, but from the European Convention on Human...

Feb 14 2016 6:20PM
Why we should all love human rights this Valentine’s Day

‘Break the link’, they say, ‘limit the reach, ignore it, defy it’. There’s little love for the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) from the UK government at the moment. It makes me wonder whether our politicians have any...

Oct 2 2015 10:52AM
15 reasons to celebrate the Human Rights Act

Crack open the champagne and hang up the bunting – the Human Rights Act is 15 years old today. Okay, maybe not the bunting, but it really is a moment to celebrate. The Human Rights Act has made it easier for every one of us to protect...