A year too late already - Bahrain must act now

We put out a report today, which criticised the Bahriani government’s failure to act on the findings of its own report.

Bahrain: Reform shelved, repression unleashed, comes a day ahead of the first anniversary of a landmark report by the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), established last year by the country’s authorities to investigate abuses during the 2011 anti-government protests.

In it, we accuse Bahrain of making a mockery of its promises to reform over human rights – the report found that the human rights situation in the country has actually deteriorated markedly.

Though the Bahraini government committed itself to implementing the BICI recommendations this time last year, the Bahraini authorities have actually responded with further repression, culminating last month in the banning of all rallies and gatherings and the stripping of Bahraini nationality from 31 opposition figures just two weeks ago.

The report also warns that Bahrain’s close allies - including the UK and the USA - can no longer insist that Bahrain is currently committed to meaningful reform. Listen to this clip from the Today programme, which references a signed agreement from last month between the UK and Bahrain, where the UK agrees to provide military assistance.

As Amnesty’s Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui concluded:

 “As the country is engulfed in entrenched unrest and instability looms, the international community, and especially Bahrain’s allies, have a duty to condemn what is happening in the country and to stop using the BICI report as a shield to avoid having to criticise the Bahraini authorities.”

Let’s hope that by this time next year, we won’t be adding the findings of yet another report to the “yet to be addressed” file.

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Teachers in Bahrain locked up, tortured, left in a freezer for days - simply for calling for a strike. Tell the authorities to drop the charges

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