What were the big human rights stories of 2011?

It's that time of year again. Yep – the season of end-of-year round-ups. Best albums (Kate Bush’s recent CD will dominate I predict), best films, books, TV shows. Most significant political figures. Who died. What happened. And on and on…

Is there any point to this list mania? Maybe there is. Taking stock amid the hectic rush of things – it can give you some perspective.

Yeah, OK, I'm in. We're all in. Next week this blog – Press Release Let Me Go – is going to feature five posts trying to sum up the big human rights news stories of 2011, along with some tentative forecasting for 2012.

Likely themes: the Arab Spring, the Occupy protests and policing, maybe capital punishment, maybe – on the UK front – something like the Human Rights Act or Dale Farm.

What else? What about Burma or other places where there was a slight thaw in the human rights deep-freeze? What about the “war on terror” – whatever happened to this and did they ever shut down Guantánamo?

Or is there a story that should have been one of the human rights stories of 2011 but was ignored by most of the media?

Please leave a comment on this post if you have a suggestion for what we should blog on next week. We’ll try to include your suggestions.

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