The Toxic Truth on Trafigura

A big day for us at Amnesty with the launch of the Toxic Truth report on Trafigura’s activities. We worked with Greenpeace for three years painstakingly looking through loads of data and chasing up many different leads to examine the circumstances surrounding the dumping of toxic waste six years ago in the city of Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

The consequences left 100,000 people seeking medical attention – can you imagine that number of people all affected in one day, could you imagine the NHS coping with such an influx?

Anyway, Greenpeace and ourselves have called on the UK to look at launching a criminal investigation, and you can read the full 230-page report here.

It’s all a bit of a legal minefield, but the BBC were brave enough to look into the story and covered it online, on Radio 5 and through Scotland’s flagship breakfast programme. The Guardian also went into detail on the story.

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