TooMuchDoubt – plea for Troy goes global

Hundreds of events are today taking place in countries around the world to stop the execution of Troy Davis, which is scheduled to take place next week Wednesday. The first began in Hong Kong and here in London, at 5pm, Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, Bianca Jagger will join Amnesty UK director Kate Allen to hand in a message of solidarity to the USA Embassy.  As NME and STV Online report celebrities including Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and Jim Sclavunos from Grinderman and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have all joined the call to halt to Troy Davis execution. 

As well as visible public support, evidenced on streets from Atlanta to Hong Kong with dozens of places in between, so far more than 660,000 people globally have signed the petition to halt Troy Davis execution and already more than 30,000 people across the UK have directly emailed Georgias Board of Paroles and Pardons.

As Niluccio blogged on Troy just last week, I wont into the details of his case. It has generated a lot of public attention mainly because so much doubt lingers around his conviction.  As Niluccio reported last week one eye-witness has admitted he hadnt seen Troy Davis kill the police officer in question but still signed a pre-prepared police statement, while seven out of nine prosecution witnesses have now recanted or changed their initial testimonies in sworn affidavits.

Too much doubt lingers around Troys case. No person should be put to death. However when even one element of doubt hangs around a case, its unfathomable to think that execution should even be considered.  Wed urge you to send an urgent appeal to Georgias Board of Pardon and Paroles urging that they commute the sentence.  And if youre in London this afternoon, stop by Grosvenor Square and take part in Amnestys event.

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