President Hollande breaks promise on treatment of Roma

You would have thought I would have learned by now. Time and time again I fall for the promises of politicians. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes they do deliver, but...

The latest example is the new President of France. I give you François Hollande. Now those of you who read these pages on a regular basis will know how frustrated / annoyed / thoroughly hacked off I get with the treatment Roma people get in Europe.

Across the continent, there are far too many examples of segregated education, physical and violent attacks and forced evictions against Roma.

So I was delighted back in March this year when Hollande, then just a presidential candidate, said his wish was to dismantle ‘unsanitary camps’ and provide adequate ‘alternative solutions’.

Six months on, and with Hollande safely entrenched in the the Élysée palace, a new Amnesty report, ‘Chased away: forced evictions of Roma in Ile-de-France’, shows exactly how false that promise was.

The new government has failed to incorporate basic international human rights standards on evictions into domestic law. As a consequence, forced evictions continue to take place without prior, consultation or notice to residents.

All the camps and squats seen by the Amnesty researchers have either no or inadequate access to running water, toilets and refuse collection. In short the Roma population in France have seen little or no improvement to their lives since Hollande took office.

Under international law France should ensure all of its population has adequate housing. For too long the plight of the Roma population continues to be swept under the carpet. For once, M Hollande, please deliver on your promise. It would be great to have a politician I could be proud of.

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unbelievable I can't understand why such a nation like france can't treat human beings like this,disgusting i just loose my appetite!! Thanks Mr holland and all french who support him!! Such a merde

Fairy*Nayra 6 years ago