Let the #armstreaty negotiations begin!

Today marks the start of key negotiations for an international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) – the treaty for which we’ve been campaigning for so long.

We’re delighted about the amount of coverage the UK media has given to this cause. Here are just a few:
The Guardian led the way with multiple pieces on the ATT – ranging from a comment piece by William Hague and  government ministers from Germany, Sweden and France, an article regarding the UK’s role in convincing the US to include ammunition in the treaty, and a narrative by Nick Hopkins on his journey to Kenya, which revealed the devastating effects the arms trade has on the pastoralists there.

The Independent had a double-page spread on the negotiations – be sure to check out their fact files at the end – some say statistics have lost their power, but these are truly appalling.  They also run a blog post by Sir Nicholas Young of the Red Cross on the importance of the humanitarian aspect of the treaty.

We also saw powerful words from war photographer Paul Conroy, who is still recovering from an injury following his last mission to Syria. Read more about what he saw there that drove Paul's support of the Treaty in The Sunday Times (sorry behind a paywall).

In addition, if you missed our tank stunt for the Global Day of Action last week, here are some clips from the Voice of America and the Mirror that will catch you up to date.

It really goes to show that it’s not just the gung-ho human rights activists that are wanting this treaty – A LOT of people want this. In fact, the Control Arms global treaty signatures has risen up to over 550,000, and more than 30 high profile celebrities, including Keira Knightley, Annie Lennox, Bill Nighy, Vivienne Westwood and Tim Roth, have signed a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, calling for a robust treaty – not to mention the 97% of our country’s MPs who have been contacted by our members, and helped us communicate to David Cameron about the need of a robust treaty.

We’ll be right here working hard for the next 25 days – but there’s only so much we can tell you from the comforts of East London. To hear more about what’s kicking off across the pond in New York, click here for Verity’s blog - your source for the juicy content, direct from the UN!

Today’s post was from Yu, Amnesty's Arms Trade Treaty press team volunteer


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