Falling in love with Madonna

You’ve got to love Madonna. I have to admit that over the last few years I hadn’t really had her down as a big human rights campaigner. What a difference a week can make.

There she is on Tuesday championing the plight of Pussy Riot in Moscow as Niluccio blogged about on these very pages – and of course you can still offer your support to the punk band who are facing jail here.

And then just yesterday in St Petersburg she was bigging up gay rights. Amazing. And to be honest she could hardly have chosen a better city to choose. Back in June it was the same city that stopped a Gay Pride event just 24 hours before it was to go ahead.

I wonder how happy the city authorities will have been to see the Queen of Pop giving out thousands of pink wristbands and telling her audience to “show your love and appreciation to the gay community” as OK magazine reported. If the reaction from the Moscow authorities to her backing of Pussy Riot is anything to go by as reported by Sky, I suspect it will have been less than favourable.

But at least there’s now a new audience aware of the plight of the lesbian, gay and transgender community in Russia.
And all that in one week. So who knows what will happen in the next few days?

When it comes to gay rights, I for one will be keeping an eye on the closing ceremony of the Olympics this weekend. After the famous lesbian kiss on Brookside appeared in the opening ceremony – which thanks to the live stream meant it was the first time a lesbian kiss has ever been shown on the screens in Qatar and Saudi Arabia – who knows what might be in store? Perhaps Madonna could make a cameo…

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Yes, it is nice to see Madonna speaking up freely about gay rights in St. Petersburg but as I said on the previous blog it was a pity that she did not speak up about the Palestinians on the first concert of her world tour in Israel :

I also welcome Madonna's statement on this matter (Pussy Riot). However it was a pity recently that she decided to open her world tour in Israel and when she did have a chance to mention the issue of Palestine failed to mention present issues which the Palestinians' are facing but instead resorted to a brief proclamation centred around world peace :

"I chose to start my world tour in Israel for a very specific and important reason. As you know, the Middle East and all the conflicts that have been occurring here for thousands of years - they have to stop," she said to cheers.


In fact some fans couldn't make the concert due to the separation wall :


Also her no doubt well intentioned move of giving out free tickets to peace activists backfired somewhat, as a number were refused, possibly due to cultural boycott issues surrounding Israel.

Why be so explicit concerning Pussy Riot and the Russian authorities, and now gay rights in St Petersburg but so vague for Palestinians and the Israeli authorities ?

Daveyboy 7 years ago