Can’t wait to discriminate!

Step forward folks, it’s time for a great new game show – Can’t wait to discriminate!

Yep, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for – vent those frustrations, get that anger out in the open…don’t wait to discriminate!

Here’s how it works. I’ll show you a picture, and you think about whether these people are discriminated against. Easy? Let’s try.

Picture one:

9. Bratislava Pride by Veronica Hucinkov

Women. Kissing? Lesbians! Can’t wait to discriminate!

Okay, here’s another:

11. Romani Love by Dagmar Babicov (Slovakia)

Hmm. Dark skin – looks Romani to me! Can’t wait to discriminate! (Yes, yes, I know it’s just a child, but still.)

Give us another.

4. GO by Luciana-Magalhaes (Portugal)

More gay people! Can’t wait to
(Sorry, this is a runner helping a man with special needs across the finishing line.)
Well that’s not fair, you tricked me.

Don’t worry, here’s another:

1. Kateryna Hornostay (Ukraine)

Um…you’ll have to help me out on this one.

This is a woman in a ‘rehabilitation’ centre for special needs in the Ukraine. All the people at the centre are called ‘children’, whatever their age. She’s autistic.

So she’s discriminated against?

Yep, just like all the others. Can’t wait to discriminate?

You’re confusing me now.

That’s okay, it’s hard. Alright, one more:

10. Under the Same Sun by Amalie Helmbo Hansen (Denmark)


Okay folks, time to wrap up the show.  Thanks for playing, and remember, it’s easy to discriminate – just don’t think about it too much.

PS – all these pictures are from a unique photography exhibition opening in Croatia on Saturday. They are among the winners of a European-wide competition run by Amnesty International to promote the value of a society without discrimination.

You can see all twelve winning pictures in the exhibition in the slideshow below.


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