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Mar 8 2019 5:30PM
Write for Rights 2019 wrap up

Over 89,000 online actions sent this year - that's a record! Thank you for your support.

Jun 5 2018 3:25PM
Book your place on the Student Media Summit 2018

Learn how to be the next star journalist. Book your free place today. Click for more details.

Jun 16 2017 10:00PM
Peanut from Kaiser Chiefs: Why activism is important

Not content with being multi-award winning, number one rock legends — Kaiser Chiefs want to use their worldwide fame to make a positive change in the world. That’s why they were recently one of the first musical artists to become...

Jun 8 2017 10:00PM
The 50 best protest songs ever

Protest songs have appeared in popular music since before most can remember. From Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ lamenting KKK lynchings back in 1939, through Dylan, roots reggae, punk, nu metal and pretty much any genre you can...

Jun 8 2017 10:00PM
What human rights activists look like

What do you picture when you think of human rights activists? Whatever you might think, the reality of activism is that it comes in all different shapes, faiths, races, genders, ages and sexualities. One common misconception...

Jun 8 2017 10:00PM
The best human rights films

We're lucky to live in a time when documentary makers have an amazing platform to create and broadcast important documentaries on human rights. Film is an incredible way not only to share information, but to help people emotionally...

Jun 8 2017 10:00PM
5 ways to make a difference right now

Feel powerless after GE 2017? You're not. With a new government it's more important than ever that we press them to protect human rights here and abroad. They're going to hear us from their first day until their last. Because we know...