Long live ProtectTheHuman.com

Last Friday we closed the doors on ProtectTheHuman.com for the last time. But its influence will live on.

PTH launched in 2008 to coincide with the 2008 Secret Policeman’s Ball and some of the first content on the site was from backstage at the Royal Albert Hall.

It was designed to be a social community for Human Rights. Now back in 2008 that was quite ambitious.

As a user you could upload your own photos and videos, create groups and add bookmarks of human rights stories you’d seen around the web. All of this was backed up by a personalised homepage and a recommendations engine based on which online actions you’d taken.

Pretty snazzy right! Then why did we close it?

Well PTH was an enormous success in getting people engaged with Human Rights. Over 200,000 users signed up and got involved. But it never really took off as a community. We also struggled to join everything up across a host of different websites.

Right now we are working on replacing the current amnesty.org.uk website and incorporating many of the most successful ideas from PTH.

Hopefully you will already have noticed that our blogs, groups, registration, join and donate pages look different from the rest of amnesty.org.uk. These new pages represent the first phase of our redesign.

The rest of the website will launch in early 2013 and from there we’ll get to work making it better and better.

So PTH is dead, but it will live on in the new amnesty.org.uk. And the code is on GitHub so help yourselves.

None of this would have been possible without the extraordinary talents and energies of our friends at Made by Many and New Bamboo. PTH was as much theirs as it was ours. 

Now, on to the next project…

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