2017 (3)
Nov 10 2017 10:54AM
Forget the Bond tune, listen to Ergo Phizmiz!
Blimey, bring back Gangnam Style. No, sorry, I don’t much like that Adele Bond tune. Too “polished”, too “polite”, too predictable for me. (Then again, I was never going to be the target demographic for this one. You probably won’t bel...
Jul 14 2017 4:32PM
Piss-poor - the Russian authorities’ understanding of Pussy Riot
One of the last times I posted something on Pussy Riot I was waxing lyrical (literally) on what I saw as the underlying radicalism of Pussy Riot’s Situationist-style art-cum-music stunts. I reckon it’s pointless looking at them as “pol...
May 11 2017 12:11PM
Miscarriage is not a crime
By Rajwinder Sahota, AIUK Country Coordinator for El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua On 8 May, Teodora del Carmen Vásquez marked another birthday locked away inside her prison cell in El Salvador. Her crime? Having a miscarriage. Teod...