2015 (52)
Dec 10 2015 12:44PM
Syria in 2015: another year of agony
We're reaching the end of 2015 with no end in sight over Syria. The carnage and agony continue. So do the detentions, the torture, the deaths in custody, the "disappearances" and state gangsterism . The Syrian government's barrel bombi...
Nov 27 2015 12:39PM
Distant voices: the Amnesty media awards for human rights journalism
Writing in 1992, two years after the death in Iraq of The Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft, the writer and fellow journalist John Pilger paid tribute to a reporter "who died pursuing his craft with the kind of independence and courage...
Nov 26 2015 8:00AM
Raising a glass to press freedom
A TV journalist is shot dead in Pakistan, a photographer tortured in Egypt, a radio station raided in Sierra Leone, a fixer jailed in Turkey, reporters murdered in Brazil, and bloggers hacked to death in Bangladesh. In the wake of the...
Nov 15 2015 9:43PM
You talkin’ to me? - Panahi’s Taxi Tehran asks a few questions about life in Iran
I've commented before on the way that the Iranian political establishment often displays a dim-witted philistinism in its attitude to the country's film-makers, and in the case of Jafar Panahi this has long since curdled into official...
Nov 4 2015 6:42PM
The Syrian government is now a vampire state feeding off its own people
The whirl and churn of the news cycle means that even cataclysmic events like the ever-widening war in Syria usually make only fleeting appearances. Amazing, really, that a human catastrophe of this magnitude - a quarter of a million d...
Oct 23 2015 5:04PM
The new order: A Tiananmen survivor deemed a criminal, and the President of China his victim
Dr Shao Jiang is a survivor of Tiananmen Square massacre. He has spent the 26 years since then calling for justice for the victims and relatives – his friends – who were brutally killed, harmed and oppressed in the wake of the 1989 pro...
Oct 8 2015 5:05PM
UK Plc shutting up shop: a cheerless time for human rights activists around the world
It didn’t get one hundredth of the airtime of speeches by Messrs Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Johnson and Hunt (not to mention Theresa May's anti-immigration diatribe ), but the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond's Conservative Party conferen...
Sep 23 2015 12:36PM
Bombing Islamic State, but refusing Europe’s refugees: the UK prefers weaponry to refuge
“Bomb Islamic State targets. Bomb Assad regime targets. Bomb some more. Er, that’s it.” This is how Private Eye satirises what the magazine sees as a lack of coherence to an emerging UK government policy over bombing targets in Syria....
Sep 8 2015 4:49PM
Summary execution by drone could have come straight out of an Orwell sequel
If George Orwell was writing this century instead of last, I imagine it would have been a shorter book. Surely in 2084, we wouldn’t have got past half a dozen chapters before the narrator was summarily executed from the air by a remote...
Sep 4 2015 2:40PM
Human rights news of the week - 4 September
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Sep 1 2015 1:12PM
The air is toxic: refugees and the ghosts of European history
Before they properly industrialised their killing of Jews, Roma and thousands of other victims in large-scale gas chambers, the Nazis had experimented with gassing people in vans ( Gaswagen ). They would feed the exhaust fumes into the...
Aug 18 2015 2:31PM
First they came for the cheeses, and no-one spoke out - Russia's banning mania chewed over
A pair of British historians’ books, Italian Parmesan, the news website Reddit - is there no limit to the things Russia wants to ban? On top of existing prohibitions on “undesirable organisations” , on numerous public demonstrations ,...
Aug 7 2015 2:58PM
Human rights news of the week - 7 August
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Jul 24 2015 5:19PM
Human rights news of the week - 24 July
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Jul 20 2015 4:53PM
Salman at the beach: the Saudi king’s commandeering of a stretch of the French Riviera is hardly crime of the century
News that Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and a 400-strong entourage will have a one-kilometre stretch of the French Riviera closed off for their enjoyment this week has been … ahem, making a few waves. Notably, I caught it on the Radio 4 n...
Jul 17 2015 4:44PM
Breaking the law: China rounds up its lawyers
“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers” Dickens wrote, envisaging the ‘bad people’ as the lawyer’s clients no doubt, rather than the government. Yet in China nearly 200 lawyers have been rounded up and hauled in f...
Jul 17 2015 2:17PM
Into the black: Channel 4’s Escape From ISIS
For a group as written about, reported on and generally mediated as Islamic State is, you almost think there can’t be that much left to say. Naturally though, there is. Channel 4’s recent Escape From ISIS Dispatches programme showed .....
Jul 10 2015 3:20PM
Policing women’s clothing and behaviour in the age of the Rihanna video
A question. Who’s the odd one out in this list? Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and two unnamed female hairdressers from Morocco? Answer: Rihanna . Why? Because she’s the only one who hasn’t upset the Moroccan authorities through her supposed...
Jun 30 2015 3:19PM
Reaping, sowing, Courting: The Amnesty Magna Carta garden
It was probably a similar scorcher of a day back in June 1215 when some pushy barons gathered in the shade of a yew tree in Runneymede and, with King John, there signed a document which set out the principle that the ruler is subject t...
Jun 26 2015 4:34PM
Human rights news bites - 26 June
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