Sep 6 2017 4:00PM
Act now: Palestinian activist arrested after Facebook post
UPDATE 10 September 2017 - Issa Amro has been released on bail by the Palestinian authorities. More to follow. UPDATE 7 September 2017 - In a closed hearing today, the He...
Sep 1 2017 12:55PM
Review: Syria’s Disappeared – chilling but crucial viewing
Among the tens of thousands of men, women and children who have gone missing in Syria, this powerful film tracks some of the stories of those most horrifically affected by Assad's regime.
Aug 18 2017 3:55PM
A hateful eight days... and what to do about it
Amidst a raft of hateful events in the last few days, it's tempting to feel defeated by it all. But we won’t let hate, bigotry and discrimination divide us. Not now, not ever.
Aug 1 2017 5:55PM
Urgent: Stop the executions about to happen in the Maldives
After more than 60 years, the Maldives are set to resume use of the death penalty by executing three men in the next few days. The Maldives' Minister of Home Affairs has...
Jun 22 2017 1:50PM
Hate crimes in the UK – the victims’ stories
Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom are attacked and harassed – physically or verbally – because they are perceived as ‘different’. Why? Perh...
Jun 14 2017 12:27PM
“Indi’s fight for human rights should not end with him.”
Inderjit Bachada died suddenly last year, aged 32, after a cardiac arrest. An avid Amnesty supporter, his loved ones have spent the last few months raising thousands of p...
Jun 14 2017 11:19AM
More in Common: Refugee Week and The Great Get Together
It may feel like there are many things which divide us as a country right now, so what better time to celebrate what we have in common! Over the next two weeks, Amnesty s...
May 10 2017 9:01AM
"I thought I was some kind of monster"
"I thought I was some kind of monster." These are the words of Sandrao from Germany who was born intersex – the term commonly used for individuals with variations of sex...
Apr 28 2017 12:31PM
UK: The Price of Citizenship
Citizenship – what does it mean to you? For many it’s about identity, inclusion and human rights. For children in the UK, access to citizenship can have an enormous impac...