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Dec 4 2017 12:45PM
Scotland Activists Conference
Gabriel Calvert from the Dundee University Amnesty Group shares his experience of the Scotland Activists Conference The Amnesty International Scottish Activist Conference was an inspirational gathering of likeminded activists from acro...
Dec 1 2017 10:21AM
Bureaucratic Borders
The Hurdles Faced by Migrants to the UK Lee Caspi is a research volunteer with Amnesty International UK’s Scotland office Immigration has been at the forefront of political discourse in the UK in recent years. The issue was one of the...
Nov 30 2017 11:47AM
Children’s picture books and human rights
By Nicky Parker, Publisher, Amnesty International UK Why picture books for young children are the perfect place to celebrate human rights We work on life and death matters all over the world. People know us for our campaigning and lobb...
Nov 27 2017 12:12PM
Scotland Activists Conference - report!
Amnesty local group member, Cathy Crawford, shares her experience of the 2017 Activists Conference It was a cold sunny morning for our conference in Edinburgh, and I would say our spirits were as good as the sunshine and as the day dev...
Nov 24 2017 2:38PM
Our ethical Christmas gift ideas 2017
No longer purely the realm of the most conscientious consumers or hardcore hippies, Fairtrade can be affordable, fashionable and good for the soul. Here are the best ethical Christmas gifts for 2017.