UPDATE: Cuban prisoner abused in US jail


The Cuba Solidarity Campaign reports that Gerardo Hernandez has been returned to the general prison population, as we were demanding.


The TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to protest about the treatment of Miami 5 prisoner Gerardo Hernandez.

In April Gerardo requested a medical appointment for medical conditions developed while in prison, including high blood pressure. Three months later, on 20 July 2010 he was seen by a doctor. The doctor prescribed a blood test for a bacterium which is circulating throughout the prison, but instead, the following day, 21 July 2010, Gerardo was put in 'the hole' on the directions of the FBI.

Since 21 July, Gerardo has been held in a windowless cell of 7x3 feet which he shares with another prisoner, with little ventilation and reaching temperatures of 95 degrees. He is unable to take a shower and is taken outside in a cage for just one hour every other day. Not only is this cruel punishment being imposed without explanation, and preventing Gerardo from seeing his lawyers at a crucial stage in his preparation for his next appeal, but it has also been imposed while Gerardo is experiencing health problems.

This is the third time in Gerardo’s twelve years in prison that he has been placed in the hole while preparing for an appeal. The Cuba Solidarity Campaign has launched a public appeal on this issue.

Owen Tudor


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