Women, men and children could freeze to death as arctic weather sweeps across the Greek islands. Trapped in squalid detention camps, refugees are surviving in flimsy tents as temperatures plummet below zero. No one should be left to live or die like this.

We all have the right to seek safety, to escape war and persecution. Call on the President of the European Commission to move people to a safe place on the mainland now.

Stop refugees freezing to death in Greece

Lives at risk

People are at imminent risk of freezing to death because European leaders are failing to help them.

As sub-zero temperatures hit Greece, thousands of people are being held in makeshift detention camps on the Greek islands.

After making treacherous journeys across land and sea to reach the supposed safety of Europe, it is in these freezing, squalid conditions that people await to hear their fate within the asylum system.

Held hostage by EU policy

They arrived in Greece after the introduction of the EU-Turkey deal last March – a flawed and inhumane pact which allows Europe to send people seeking asylum to Turkey under the assumption that their rights will be respected there, despite many refugees having been forced back into warzones such as Syria.

In reality few people have been sent to Turkey under the deal so far, which has lead to extreme overcrowding in the camps and growing anxiety for those trapped.

Stuck in legal limbo and unable to leave the detention camps, people are effectively being held hostage by cruel and dysfunctional EU policies.

This is another clear example of governments refusing to share responsibility for the global refugee crisis.

Get them off the islands

We’re urging European Commission to ensure that refugees are moved out of the Greek islands, instead of trying to maintain a deal that has condemned thousands of people to unbearable conditions.

Please urge Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, to put human lives first and provide safety for those who need it.