Malak al-Kashef is a 19 year-old trans woman from Egypt who’s being held in an all-male prison on trumped-up charges.

She’s been subjected to a forced anal examination at a government hospital, where she was also sexually assaulted.

She is not safe and must be freed immediately. Urge Egypt’s Public Prosecutor to release Malak immediately and unconditionally.

Free LGBTI rights defender Malak al-Kashef

Malak's story

Malak is a human rights defender known for her brave work campaigning for LGBTI rights in Egypt. 

She rose to prominence in 2017 when she started documenting her transition on social media, when she struggled to get treatment at public hospitals and medical staff threatened to have her arrested. 

Abducted in darkness and sexually assaulted

In the early hours of 6 March 2019, National Security Agency officers raided her family home in Giza.

They took Malak to an undisclosed location. The next day she appeared before a Supreme State Security Prosecutor without a lawyer and was handed a 15-day detention order. 

Days later, Malak was subjected to a forced anal examination at a government hospital. Here, medical staff continued to sexually assault and harass her.

Missing for four days

It was only on 10 March that Malak’s lawyers were finally able to confirm that she was being held in solitary confinement at a police station in Cairo. 

Despite having official medical documents that stated she was undergoing gender affirming surgery, Malak was placed in an all-male detention facility.

Trumped-up charges

Malak is being held on trumped-up charges of ‘aiding a terrorist organisation’ and ‘misusing social media to commit a crime punishable by law’. According to one of her lawyers, she is one of 35 other people who have been arrested after their involvement in protests after a fatal train wreck that killed 25 people.

We are concerned that being held in an all-male detention centre puts Malak in danger of serious violations by those detaining her and other inmates, including potential sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. 

Gender affirming surgeries are completely legal under the law in Egypt. However, in recent years, Egypt’s authorities have waged a sinister campaign targeting LGBTI people, and have carried out dozens of arrests and forced anal examinations, using archaic ‘debauchery’ laws in blatant violation of international law.

Together we must call on the Public Prosecutor to free Malak and drop all the charges brought against her. Please stand with Malak by signing the petition today.