The rise of hate speech. A global refugee crisis. Racist political rhetoric. Chemical weapons attacks. It’s fair to say the world is looking like a dark and unstable place in 2017. Never has the fight for human rights been more urgent.

Courageous voices are vital in times like these. We need people like you who will speak out against racism, prejudice and oppression. Sign up for emails to find out how you can stand up for freedom, dignity and equality for everyone.

Will you fight for rights?

Time to act


Hateful, divisive and dehumanising rhetoric has unleashed the darkest instincts of human nature.

Mass atrocities are taking place across the world, yet our leaders stand by and watch.

We cannot remain silent in the face of prejudice. Together, we must resist the roll back of human rights for every single person.

Some choose fear. We choose dignity.

People power works

In dark times, individuals have made a difference by taking a stand, be they civil rights activists in the USA, anti-apartheid activists in South Africa, or women’s rights and LGBTI movements around the world.

In recent weeks we have seen human courage, resilience, creativity and determination in the face of immense challenges, from the international women’s marches to the Ayotzinapa student protests in Mexico – we should all be inspired to stand up for our freedoms.

Nobody can take on the whole world, but everyone can change their own world.

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