A Venezuelan journalist has been arrested in an attempt to silence his reporting on the coronavirus.

Darvinson Rojas was jailed for 12 days before being accused of bogus charges designed to stop him spreading the truth.

In this time of crisis we must protect journalists at all costs. Sign the petition to the President of Venezuela demanding the charges are dropped.

Journalist arrested for reporting on coronavirus

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Darvinson Rojas has been covering the spread of coronavirus in Venuzuela very closely.

Police raided Darvinson’s home in Caracas and claimed there was a Covid-19 case to be investigated.

There is no evidence of this being the case – and even if there was it would not justify Darvinson’s arrest.

Jailed for twelve days

Darvinson was held by the Special Action Forces (FAES) for twelve days.

The FAES have swept the country in recent years arresting anyone that criticises the government.

Prisoners are often charged with bogus crimes and tried in military courts, despite not being in the military.

Darvinson has been charged with ‘advocacy of hatred’ and ‘instigation to commit crimes’. These charges are a politically motivated attempt to
silence his reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic in Venezuela.

Venezuela in crisis

The country faces severe shortages of food, water, electricity and – most alarmingly at this time – medical supplies.

And yet instead of facing these challenges, the Venezuelan authorities continue a brutal crackdown on human rights defenders and anyone working to expose the truth.

This must stop now. People must know the truth. 

Please help by signing the petition to President Maduro demanding the charges against Darvinson Rojas are dropped immediately and that no other journalists are treated the same way.