A sample of Shawkan's work

Almost four years lost for taking photos

Shawkan’s photography (examples above) captured real life in Egypt including unrest, peaceful protests and violence. On 14 August 2013, he was covering a sit-in protest, which turned into the Rabaa massacre when Egypt’s security forces burst in with bullets, tear gas and tanks, killing hundreds of protesters.

Arrested at the scene, beaten and in jail ever since, Shawkan is being punished just for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Shawkan has now spent more than an eighth of his life in prison. He has still not been sentenced and is part of a mass trial of 739 prisoners.

There is hope. Three Al Jazeera journalists walked free from Tora Prison following campaigning by Amnesty supporters like you. With your help, we can expose human rights abuses and get thousands of letters, emails and tweets written to, and about, Shawkan so he too could be a free man.

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