• Jul 23 2015
  • 6:05pm
Trafigura: What if police said it was too hard to chase criminals?
Prosecutors, the police and the Environment Agency have essentially told us that they can’t be bothered to investigate a UK company’s role in the dumping of toxic waste...
  • Jul 2 2015
  • 4:23pm
Youth Group Action July 2015: Solidarity for Yevgeniy Vitishko
Yevgeniy Vitishko is an environmental activist, sentenced to three years in a prison colony for allegedly damaging a fence which was illegally placed in a protected forest. Amnesty...
  • Nov 7 2008
  • 11:58pm
The trouble with soya beans
As a vegetarian I am keen on soya beans.  Source of tofu, soy sauce, soya milk, and containing high-quality protein, where would I be without them? If many in the world a...
  • Apr 17 2008
  • 12:11pm
We drive, they starve
"We drive, they starve" say the opening words of this Telegraph article about the impact of using more bio-fuels. In various countries the poor are finding it more diffi...