• Jul 17 2015
  • 2:17pm
Into the black: Channel 4’s Escape From ISIS
Video For a group as written about, reported on and generally mediated as Islamic State is, you almost think there can’t be that much left to say. Naturally though, there is. Chan...
  • Jun 22 2015
  • 3:56pm
Ask for medical help for hunger-striking 'espionage' prisoner in Iran
Basima Al-Jibouri is an Iraqi woman in prison in Iran. She has been on hunger strike since April, in protest against the conditions of her detention – her family have been ba...
  • Jun 11 2015
  • 3:40pm
Are the press working for ISIS?
Listen to the podcast   As this week has shown it is rare when ISIS aren’t dominating the headlines. Coverage of their human rights violations are all over the new...
  • Jun 10 2015
  • 11:44am
Iraq: Violent Yezidi and Shi'a backlash against Islamic State
A year on from Islamic State’s capture of Mosul in Iraq, Yezidi and Shi’a militia have carried out deadly revenge attacks against local Sunni Arab communities. The two...
  • Feb 9 2015
  • 6:33pm
Yezidi women in Iraq face sexual violence from Islamic State fighters
Thousands of Yezidi women and girls in Iraq have had their lives shattered by Islamic State (IS) fighters who have kept them in captivity and inflicted horrific acts of sexual viol...
  • Nov 3 2014
  • 5:26pm
Stoking the fire of Iraq's sectarian conflict
Unlike nearby villages recently captured by the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government from the armed group calling itself Islamic State, not a single villager has r...
  • Oct 14 2014
  • 5:33pm
Our mission to northern Iraq
[View the story "ISIS in northern Iraq: eyewitness reports from our senior crisis researcher" on Storify]
  • Oct 14 2014
  • 11:39am
'Mostly they kidnap Sunnis': Iraq’s sectarian abyss
Despite ISIS and despite the suicide bombings and incessant carnage, one of the things we’ve been hearing a lot from Western politicians in recent weeks is how things i...
  • Oct 14 2014
  • 10:12am
Iraq: The rise of militia rule
Against the current backdrop of lawlessness and sectarian violence, Shi’a militias have been abducting and killing Sunni civilians with almost total impunity. Unidentified b...
  • Sep 22 2014
  • 12:32pm
Gangster theatre: the Islamic State execution videos
Video Islamic State’s blood-thirstiness has been much commented on, as has its use of modern technology. Posting videos of a man issuing threats before killing a hostage &hell...