• Sep 22 2014
  • 12:32pm
Gangster theatre: the Islamic State execution videos
Video Islamic State’s blood-thirstiness has been much commented on, as has its use of modern technology. Posting videos of a man issuing threats before killing a hostage &hell...
  • Sep 10 2014
  • 4:21pm
A letter from a Syrian activist to an American mother
To the mother of James Foley, I want to express my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son, James Foley. It was with shock and sorrow to know what had happened to him by th...
  • Sep 1 2014
  • 4:41pm
Iraq: Hundreds massacred in ethnic cleansing by Islamic State
‘Some could not move and could not save themselves; they lay there in agony waiting to die. They died a horrible death. I managed to drag myself away and was saved by a Mu...
  • Aug 21 2014
  • 1:43pm
After the Islamic State deluge, who will save Iraqis?
There’s a bit in a new blog post from Amnesty’s researcher on the ground in northern Iraq which caught my eye. In the post, from the Kurdish-majority city of Dohuk in I...
  • Aug 21 2014
  • 11:14am
Escape from Sinjar Mountain, but what next?
After a harrowing escape, first from their hometown of Qahtanya and then from Sinjar Mountain – where they were stuck for eight days with very little food or water – Su...
  • Aug 14 2014
  • 5:30pm
Mass exodus as ISIS continue to attack
'They killed the 15 men and took the women and children and until now we do not know what happened to them, where they are or if they are alive or dead.'  A rela...
  • Jul 15 2014
  • 2:44am
War crimes by all sides as sectarian violence against civilians continues in Iraq
ISIS, armed groups and militias, and Iraqi Government forces have committed war crimes and gross abuses of human rights in the conflict spreading across Iraq. Northern Iraq: Civili...
  • Jul 9 2014
  • 4:32pm
  • Jul 7 2014
  • 2:33pm
ISIS - time bandits
There’s something gloriously demented about reports (apocryphal?) that ISIS have been issuing “passports” for their self-pronounced caliphate in the Middle East. ...