• Feb 27 2015
  • 6:19pm
UAE: three sisters detained after tweeting about their jailed brother
The women ‘have vanished as if into a black hole’ after being detained on 15 February   
  • Feb 26 2015
  • 4:27pm
Mexico state visit to UK: 'Stop torture piñata' stunt at Mexican Embassy - Mon 2 March
Brightly-coloured papier-mâché container to be broken open to release thousands of petitions to President Peña Nieto on torture 
  • Feb 26 2015
  • 11:19am
Northern Ireland: 'Draconian' abortion law harshest in Europe
The laws in Northern Ireland relating to abortion are “draconian” and in urgent need of reform, Amnesty International said today, as it published a new report on the issue.
  • Feb 25 2015
  • 1:11pm
Libya: mounting evidence of war crimes in the wake of Egypt's airstrikes
‘Egypt has now joined the ranks of those placing civilians at risk in Libya’ - Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui  
  • Feb 25 2015
  • 9:19am
Amnesty International Global Report: Call for UN Security Council to relinquish veto
'Shameful and ineffective’ global response to abuses by armed groups and states
  • Feb 24 2015
  • 10:51pm
Agenda 2020: Human rights, labour standards and anti-corruption measures must be central to Olympic Games bids
Human rights, labour standards and anti-corruption measures must be central to all stages of the Olympic Games to stop the event becoming a byword
  • Feb 23 2015
  • 11:51am
Thailand: Conviction of university students an 'assault on freedom of expression'
A guilty verdict in Thailand today against two students involved in a play deemed to have insulted the monarchy should be overturned immediately, Amnesty International said.
  • Feb 19 2015
  • 5:42pm
Iran: fears mount for death row Kurd Saman Naseem who may be executed in secret
‘The lack of news about Saman Naseem’s fate or whereabouts … is cruel and inhuman’ - Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui   
  • Feb 19 2015
  • 4:48pm
Today's European Commission pledge will not stop 'spiralling humanitarian crisis' in the Mediterranean
Refugees and migrants will continue to die in the Mediterranean in their thousands unless EU countries provide more resources for extensive search-and-rescue operations, Amnesty International said