• Aug 18 2014
  • 6:13pm
Saudi Arabia: four family members executed for hashish possession amid 'disturbing' surge in executions
The execution of four members of the same family in Saudi Arabia today is part of a “disturbing” recent surge in the use of the death penalty, said Amnesty International.
  • Aug 15 2014
  • 4:00pm
Morocco: Two people report torture, get imprisoned for slander
Woman reported being beaten, man reported being burned and raped with fingers
  • Aug 13 2014
  • 6:39pm
UK's announcement of limited suspension of arms licences to Israel a 'massive step backwards'
Responding to news that the UK government will suspend just 12 export licences for arms and other military equipment to Israel, and only if ‘significant hostilities’ resume once the cur
  • Aug 12 2014
  • 5:16pm
Iraq: Humanitarian efforts failing the hundreds of thousands forced to flee ethnic cleansing
The international community must urgently mount a concerted humanitarian response to assist hundreds of thousands of people across northern Iraq fleeing ethnic cleansing by the forces of the Islami
  • Aug 12 2014
  • 4:40pm
Egypt: As judges recuse themselves in Morsi trial, fears of mass death sentences persist
As news breaks that three judges have recused themselves from a mass court case in Egypt, Amnesty International remains concerned that show trials followed by mass death sentences are becoming a gr
  • Aug 7 2014
  • 4:14pm
Eyewitnesses report 'panic' as ISIS take over more towns in northern Iraq
‘ISIS is now in the town … they are gripped by panic and fear’ - Donatella Rovera  
  • Aug 7 2014
  • 11:19am
Gaza: new evidence of deliberate attacks on medics by Israeli army
There is ‘mounting evidence that the Israeli army has targeted health facilities or professionals’ Philip Luther