• Oct 31 2014
  • 5:54pm
Burkina Faso must end excessive use of force against protesters
The authorities in Burkina Faso must rein in the security forces that have used excessive force to crack down on peaceful anti-government protests, Amnesty International said today.
  • Oct 31 2014
  • 2:02pm
Hundreds of Amnesty activists 'selling tools of torture' to London shoppers this Saturday
Spoof sales agents showing off thumbscrews and electro-shock handcuffs outside Liverpool Street Station  
  • Oct 30 2014
  • 12:13pm
Armed groups and militias are 'running amok' in Libya - new briefing
Country hit by wave of door-to-door ‘manhunts’ and abductions - abductees describe torture at hands of masked captors  
  • Oct 30 2014
  • 11:21am
Court of Appeal decision in Belhaj rendition case welcomed
‘British officials have got their paw prints all over this case’ - Kate Allen  
  • Oct 29 2014
  • 4:39pm
Bangladesh: Overturn death sentence for war crimes politician
The death sentence handed down today for a leading opposition figure in Bangladesh for war crimes will not bring justice to the millions of victims of the independence war, Amnesty International sa
  • Oct 28 2014
  • 6:45pm
Bahrain: call for release of Nabeel Rajab ahead of verdict in his Twitter 'insults' case
‘Convicting Nabeel Rajab would be a terrible injustice’ - Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui  
  • Oct 28 2014
  • 4:50pm
UK urges El Salvador to change 'draconian' abortion laws
Women can face 50 year jail term for suffering a miscarriage in El Salvador warn Amnesty  
  • Oct 28 2014
  • 3:34pm
David Cameron should tell Qatari Emir that criticism ahead of World Cup 'will not let up'
‘Qatar’s human rights record has been under the spotlight like never before and it hasn’t been a pretty sight’ - Allan Hogarth 
  • Oct 28 2014
  • 12:39pm
Amnesty condemns UK opt out of search and rescue for refugees and migrants
“When the hour came, the UK turned its back on despairing people and left them to drown.”