• Jul 8 2015
  • 12:00am
Gaza: new digital mapping project reveals deadly pattern of Israeli attacks
Gaza Platform is tool for investigators and ‘most comprehensive record of attacks’ that currently exists  
  • Jul 7 2015
  • 10:18am
Migrants heading for Europe facing abuse and extortion in the Balkans
“Serbia and Macedonia have become a sink for the overflow of refugees and migrants that nobody in the EU seems willing to receive.” - Gauri van Gulik
  • Jul 6 2015
  • 6:17pm
Taser: Jordon Begley inquest verdict - Amnesty International statement
Responding to the verdict of the inquest into the death of 23-year-old Jordon Begley, Amnesty International UK’s Arms Programme Director Oliver Sprague said: 
  • Jul 6 2015
  • 1:10pm
Northern Ireland: 68% back equal marriage - higher than Irish referendum. Amnesty calls for law change
“It’s high time Northern Ireland said a big ‘we do too’ to equality” - Patrick Corrigan
  • Jul 3 2015
  • 11:16am
Mexico: Investigate order to 'take down criminals'
New evidence that a military order may have provoked massacre of 22 people 
  • Jul 1 2015
  • 8:40pm
Surveillance tribunal reveals UK government spied on Amnesty International
Amnesty is calling for an independent inquiry into why UK has been spying on human rights organisations
  • Jul 1 2015
  • 10:04am
Northern Ireland: Amnesty issues U.N. warning on Stormont House Agreement on Dealing with the Past
Amnesty International will tell the United Nations today that much work remains to be done to implement the Stormont House Agreement to ensure that mechanisms to deal with the past in Northern Irel
  • Jun 30 2015
  • 12:00am
Egypt: crackdown is 'crushing an entire generation' of young people - new report
Teenager arrested and tortured for wearing anti-torture t-shirt is part of crackdown as country reverts to full ‘police state’ behaviour
  • Jun 29 2015
  • 6:16pm
Egypt: prosecutor's killing despicable but should not be pretext for state repression
‘The killing of Public Prosecutor Hisham Barakat was a despicable, cowardly and cold-blooded act of murder’ - Said Boumedouha  
  • Jun 29 2015
  • 3:57pm
USA: Supreme Court lethal injection ruling leaves injustice of death penalty in place
Risk of wrongfully-convicted person being executed remains