• Oct 13 2015
  • 4:58pm
Israel/OPT: All attacks on civilians must be investigated and perpetrators brought to justice
All unlawful killings and deliberate attacks on civilians in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) since the start of October must be effectively investigated and perpetrators broug
  • Oct 13 2015
  • 2:19pm
Syria: USA's Kurdish allies are 'razing entire villages' in areas under their control - new report
Amnesty International has uncovered evidence of a wave of forced displacement and mass house demolitions - amounting to war crimes - in northern Syria being carried out by the Autonomous Administra
  • Oct 13 2015
  • 1:46pm
Mexico: Sting joins Amnesty International's campaign against disappearances
In support of Amnesty International’s campaign against disappearances in Mexico, world-renowned singer and songwriter Sting met this weekend with relatives of some of the thousands who have g
  • Oct 10 2015
  • 8:59am
Jailed Iranian artist Atena Farghadani says she was subjected to abusive 'virginity test' - newly-revealed letter from jail
Letter from jail details abuse ahead of her ‘shaking hands with lawyer’ trial  
  • Oct 8 2015
  • 4:45pm
Burma: 91 prisoners of conscience held in pre-election crackdown - new briefing
Burma has been harassing and locking up scores of peaceful activists as part of an intensifying and far-reaching crackdown ahead of elections on 8 November, Amnesty International said today as it l
  • Oct 8 2015
  • 3:01pm
“Same-sex marriage is coming to Northern Ireland” – U.S. lawmaker
Same-sex marriage is coming to Northern Ireland.
  • Oct 7 2015
  • 5:38pm
Hungary: EU should issue human rights warning over refugees response - new report
The Hungarian government has invested three times as much in razor-wire fencing and border controls as it spends annually on receiving asylum-seekers, Amnesty International has revealed in a new re
  • Oct 7 2015
  • 5:09pm
Azerbaijan: Amnesty International staff deported amid pre-election crackdown
Freedom of expression is under sustained and severe attack in Azerbaijan in the run up to next month’s parliamentary el
  • Oct 7 2015
  • 12:00am
UK must investigate Saudi Arabia's use of weapons in Yemen - new report
New report reveals damning evidence of war crimes during Saudi-led coalition