• May 29 2015
  • 6:51pm
FIFA election: Sepp Blatter must make Qatar migrant workers' rights top priority
Responding to the result of the FIFA presidential election today, in which Sepp Blatter has won a fifth term in office, Transparency International Germany’s Sylvia Schenk said on behalf of th
  • May 29 2015
  • 11:48am
Russia: troop deaths decree is 'blatant attack on freedom of expression'
Move ‘will intensify speculation President Putin has something to hide’ - John Dalhuisen  
  • May 28 2015
  • 6:31pm
Saudi Arabia carries out 90th execution of the year
Pakistani man’s killing takes executions to same number as for whole of 2014  
  • May 28 2015
  • 5:39pm
Yemen: scores of civilians killed and injured by Huthi anti-aircraft fire
Saudi-led airstrikes on weapons depots have reportedly killed dozens more    
  • May 28 2015
  • 4:49pm
Northern Ireland: 'truly disturbing' Panorama allegations on collusion must be fully investigated
‘We’re not talking about a security policy we’re talking about a murder policy’ - Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty International  
  • May 28 2015
  • 12:00am
EU countries still exploiting loopholes to trade in torture equipment - new report
‘Companies can still profit from human misery despite the prohibitions and controls already in place’ - Marek Marczynski  
  • May 27 2015
  • 7:07pm
Queen's Speech: UK government ignores responsibilities in face of biggest refugee crisis since WW2
Today’s Queen’s Speech made no reference to the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War - a result of the ongoing brutal conflict in Syria - despite including the claim that t
  • May 27 2015
  • 5:46pm
UAE denies entry to Amnesty expert
‘Refusing entry to a human rights advocate who was invited to speak in a conference is just absurd’ - Said Boumedouha