• Apr 24 2015
  • 5:59pm
Yemen: call for investigation after a month of airstrikes has left hundreds of civilians dead
‘Millions of people have been forced to live in a state of utter terror’ - Said Boumedouha  
  • Apr 24 2015
  • 4:35pm
Call on Indonesian President to 'use his power to grant mercy' to Australians and others
“The eyes of the world are on Indonesia, does it really want to be a country associated with ‘execution island’ rather than the exotic beaches it was once famed for?&rdquo
  • Apr 24 2015
  • 8:43am
EU leaders fail to address humanitarian crisis in Mediterranean, says Amnesty
Responding to last night’s announcements from European leaders to address the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean, Steve Symonds, Amnesty UK’s Refugees and Migrants Programme Direc
  • Apr 23 2015
  • 9:24pm
Europe's response is 'face-saving not a life-saving operation,' says Amnesty
The failure to extend Triton’s operational area will fatally undermine today’s commitment from several European nations to provide resources, ships and aircraft to search and rescue ope
  • Apr 23 2015
  • 12:12pm
Birmingham doctor running this Sunday's London Marathon in orange Guantánamo jumpsuit and chains
Dr David Nicholl to run 26-mile race to raise awareness of former UK resident Shaker Aamer’s 13-year detention  
  • Apr 23 2015
  • 10:39am
"Illegal, impractical and immoral" - Amnesty response to leaked EU migrant statement
In response to the leaked EU statement on the refugee and migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, which appears to claim that European leaders will not back the reintroduction of a wide-ranging and co
  • Apr 22 2015
  • 5:44pm
Azerbaijani human rights lawyer sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in jail, 50 days before the European Games
Intigam Aliyev is the victim of a concerted campaign by the authoriti
  • Apr 22 2015
  • 9:57am
Amnesty International's 'Blueprint for Action' to end refugee and migrant deaths in the Mediterranean
On the eve of an emergency summit in Brussels, Amnesty International is publishing a 'blueprint for action' calling on European governments to take immediate and effective steps to end an o
  • Apr 21 2015
  • 6:21pm
New report criticises US government silence over CIA torture revelations
‘It is not enough to admit that “We tortured some folks” … and then move on’ - Steven W Hawkins