• Mar 26 2015
  • 3:57pm
Mexico: Six months of failure in search for missing students
The Mexican authorities have made shamefully little progress in their investigation into the enforced disappearance of 43 student teachers from Guerrero State, said Amnesty International today, six
  • Mar 26 2015
  • 3:40pm
Spain: Parliament to vote on 'draconian' reforms that restrict rights of Spanish citizens, migrants and refugees
Draconian reforms to two pieces of Spanish legislation are an assault on the rights of its citizens as well as an attempt to formalise abusive practices against migrants and refugees, said Amnesty
  • Mar 26 2015
  • 12:00am
Hamas committed multiple war crimes with 'indiscriminate' rockets and mortars - new report
The ‘circle of fear has widened’ in Israel One Palestinian rocket killed 13 Palestinian civilians in Gaza itself
  • Mar 24 2015
  • 6:03pm
Yemen: human rights 'in free-fall' as at least eight protesters killed
‘The Huthi leadership must immediately rein in the security forces and armed men under its control’ - Said Boumedouha  
  • Mar 24 2015
  • 2:13pm
Utah's reintroduction of firing squads is USA’s latest attempt to 'fix the unfixable'
‘The Utah legislature should be expending its energies on abolishing the death penalty, not trying to fix the unfixable’ - Rob Freer  
  • Mar 24 2015
  • 11:03am
Venezuela: Protesters who suffered burning, sexual abuse and asphyxiation being denied justice - new Amnesty report
Venezuela’s failure to bring to justice those responsible for the deaths of 43 people and the injury and torture of hundreds of others during protests last year, is giving a green light to mo
  • Mar 21 2015
  • 8:26am
Equatorial Guinea: Amnesty demands immediate release of peaceful protestor
Equatorial Guinea must release a human rights defender detained simply for campaigning against the unlawful arrest and subsequent restriction of movement imposed on opposition leader Guillermo Ngue
  • Mar 20 2015
  • 5:33pm
Yemen: People who ordered mosque bombings must be brought to justice
The suicide bombing of two mosques in Sanaa today, that killed dozens of people and wounded more than 100 others, must be investigated immediately and those responsible brought to justice, Amnesty