• Oct 24 2014
  • 6:37pm
Iran: 'sexual assault' woman Reyhaneh Jabbari set to be hanged at dawn tomorrow
‘Time is running out for Reyhaneh Jabbari’  
  • Oct 24 2014
  • 3:29pm
Netherlands: Forced returns of Somalis to al-Shabaab areas can amount to ‘death sentences’
The Netherlands’ repeated attempts to forcibly return Somalis to areas controlled by the Islamist armed group al-Shabaab exposes them to grave risks of human rights abuses and would be a blat
  • Oct 23 2014
  • 7:00pm
Ferguson, USA: new report condemns 'excessive force' of police response
‘There must be accountability and systemic change that follows this excessive force’ - Steven W Hawkins  
  • Oct 21 2014
  • 2:06pm
“Conspiracy of silence” continues as Government blocks UK Inquiry into Kincora child abuse
Amnesty International has strongly criticised the UK government’s decision to exclude Kincora Boys’ Home from its inquiry into child abuse in the UK.
  • Oct 21 2014
  • 1:25pm
France: Forced evictions set to leave dozens of Roma families homeless in Paris
Dozens of families will be left homeless if the French authorities go ahead with a planned forced eviction of a Roma camp in a Paris suburb this week, Amnesty International has warned.
  • Oct 21 2014
  • 12:28pm
New poll Scots support abortion reform in Northern Ireland
80% of Scots surveyed say limited access to abortion in Northern Ireland 'unacceptable'
  • Oct 21 2014
  • 11:10am
Abortion: Reform law in Northern Ireland says new Amnesty poll
More than three quarters of adults in Great Britain think it is unacceptable that women from Northern Ireland have to travel to England for an abortion and that they are forced to pay for a service
  • Oct 21 2014
  • 10:30am
Amnesty launches new campaign on abortion in Northern Ireland
New poll finds 7 in 10 Northern Ireland people back abortion law reform
  • Oct 20 2014
  • 6:56pm
Pakistan: ban on anti-government TV channel condemned
‘Journalists in Pakistan are under attack from all sides’ - Mustafa Qadri