• Oct 17 2014
  • 5:31pm
Italy's cessation of search-and-rescue in Mediterranean could be 'catastrophic'
Decision could have ‘catastrophic and deadly consequences’ - John Dalhuisen  
  • Oct 16 2014
  • 6:44pm
Pakistan: Death sentence for Christian woman latest 'poisonous' blasphemy law outrage
A Pakistani court’s decision to uphold the death sentence against a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy is the latest unjust use of ‘poisonous’ blasphemy laws in the country, A
  • Oct 16 2014
  • 5:33pm
‘Syria a killing-field for journalists’ – war photographer to tell Belfast audience
A second talk about the war in Syria has been added to the Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s, on Monday 20 October at 9:15pm in the Great Hall Queen’s University Belfast, due to p
  • Oct 16 2014
  • 4:28pm
Students' disappearance throws global spotlight on one of Mexico's 'darkest open secrets'
Responding to the news that 28 bodies found in mass graves apparently do not belong to any of the 43 students who disappeared last month at the hands of local police in the city of Iguala, Mexico,
  • Oct 16 2014
  • 4:22pm
Major Syria conference being held in Manchester - Fri 17 October
‘This conference will show that there are practical actions that can still be taken to improve life for all Syrian civilians’ - Kristyan Benedict 
  • Oct 16 2014
  • 11:42am
Fresh call for release of Bahraini teachers union head Mahdi Abu Dheeb (London embassy meeting)
Amnesty and union leaders handing petition to Bahraini ambassador in London today  
  • Oct 16 2014
  • 8:52am
Uganda: "Toxic laws" trigger homophobic and gender discrimination and violence
Discriminatory laws passed over the last 18 months in Uganda have triggered an increase in gender and homophobic discrimination, violent attacks and an increase in state repression, Amnesty Interna
  • Oct 15 2014
  • 6:06pm
Saudi Arabia: death sentence against leading Shi'a cleric is 'shocking'
‘The death sentence against Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr is part of a campaign by the authorities in Saudi Arabia to crush all dissent’ - Said Boumedouha
  • Oct 15 2014
  • 3:42pm
Process on Northern Ireland's past must deal with gender violence
Amnesty International has called on Northern Ireland's political leaders and the UK and Irish governments to agree a new process to deal with the legacy of the conflict, and to include a themat
  • Oct 15 2014
  • 1:06pm
Hong Kong: Police officers in attack on handcuffed protester must face justice
The Hong Kong police officers who were involved in the beating and kicking of a handcuffed pro-democracy protester in the early hours of this morning must face justice, Amnesty International said.