• Sep 23 2014
  • 12:19pm
China: Life sentence for Uighur academic condemned
The life sentence handed down by a Chinese court to prominent Uighur academic Ilham Tohti on charges of “separatism” is an affront to justice, Amnesty International said today.
  • Sep 23 2014
  • 9:58am
China: Booming torture trade revealed in new report
Industry has more than quadrupled in the last decade
  • Sep 22 2014
  • 4:22pm
Turkey must keep its borders open to Syrian refugees
Latest wave of Syrians fleeing Islamic State must be given sanctuary in Turkey  
  • Sep 19 2014
  • 6:35pm
Egypt accused of 'toying with life' of activist on 230-day hunger strike
US-Egyptian national Mohamed Soltan is among 86 jailed activists on hunger strike  
  • Sep 19 2014
  • 2:55pm
Euro 2020: Amnesty warns some host cities could use tournament for image laundering
Some of the cities that have won their bid to host games in the European Football Championship in 2020 may use the tournament for image laundering, Amnesty International warned today.
  • Sep 19 2014
  • 1:06pm
Sentencing of 'Happy' video makers in Iran is condemned
'With these sentences, the absurd meets the unjust' - Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui  
  • Sep 18 2014
  • 12:00pm
Nigeria: Torture so common that police stations have ‘Officer in Charge of Torture’
‘A medieval witch hunt’ against Boko Haram is fuelling massive use of torture ‘Torture is not even a criminal offence in Nigeria’ - Netsanet Belay
  • Sep 17 2014
  • 6:31pm
EU must take urgent action prevent to migrant deaths at sea
Urgent action is needed by the EU to ensure no further migrant deaths in the seas on Europe’s borders, Amnesty International said amid news of further shipwrecks in the central Mediterranean,
  • Sep 15 2014
  • 12:50pm
Central African Republic: Huge gap between troops promised and troops deployed a major concern
'The gap between the number of peacekeepers promised and the number deployed must be urgently filled' Amnesty’s Steve Cockburn
  • Sep 12 2014
  • 3:56pm
Pakistan: Malala attack arrests welcomed
Today’s arrest of the suspects in the assassination attempt on Malala Yousafzai offers an important opportunity for the Pakistan authorities to address their poor record in protecting people