• Mar 4 2015
  • 12:55pm
Northern Ireland concerns at immigration detention revelations - 2,000 NI detainees last year
Amnesty International has said that revelations about the treatment of immigration detainees in Yarl's Wood detention centre in England also raise questions about the holding of asylum seekers
  • Mar 4 2015
  • 10:28am
UK immigration system has 'lost sight of the human lives at its heart'
“That guards were filmed referring to people for whom they are responsible as "animals" is appalling, but also reflects a system which is treating people like animals”
  • Mar 4 2015
  • 12:00am
Azerbaijan to host European Games amid relentless repression - new report
‘No-one should be fooled by the glitz and glamour of the international show Azerbaijan is putting on’ - John Dalhuisen  
  • Mar 3 2015
  • 6:15pm
Iran: six Sunni men set to be executed as early as tomorrow morning
‘This horrific final farewell does not have to happen’ - Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui  
  • Mar 2 2015
  • 3:20pm
Letter to Cameron and Clegg urges them to raise human rights during Mexican President's state visit
'While President Peña Nieto is getting the red-carpet treatment, his police and security services have serious blood on their hands' - Tom Davies
  • Feb 28 2015
  • 2:24pm
Russia: 'Cold-blooded' murder of Boris Nemtsov must be meaningfully investigated
“This is a cold-blooded murder of one of those free voices whom the authorities have so actively sought to silence.” - Denis Krivosheev
  • Feb 27 2015
  • 6:19pm
UAE: three sisters detained after tweeting about their jailed brother
The women ‘have vanished as if into a black hole’ after being detained on 15 February   
  • Feb 26 2015
  • 4:27pm
Mexico state visit to UK: 'Stop torture piñata' stunt at Mexican Embassy - Mon 2 March
Brightly-coloured papier-mâché container to be broken open to release thousands of petitions to President Peña Nieto on torture 
  • Feb 26 2015
  • 11:19am
Northern Ireland: 'Draconian' abortion law harshest in Europe
The laws in Northern Ireland relating to abortion are “draconian” and in urgent need of reform, Amnesty International said today, as it published a new report on the issue.